Monday, June 12, 2006

It's All Over

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Here's a solid tune from 1973 by the amazing Jackie Wilson, "It's All Over". The purchase of another 45 by Mr. Wilson (coming soon) this weekend triggered the realization of two things: 1. Jackie's discography is full of nice surprises, and 2. I never featured this 45.

"It's All Over" has two halves, the verses where Jackie sings over a bass, a touch of guitar, the hi-hat of the drums, & a building string section in the background, and the string-led, multi-layered, chorus where the drums come in, the guitar sounds like it's got a bit of wah-wah (although it's drowned out by the strings), and the ever-present bass. The bass is way up in the mix, and I really want to thank whoever is responsible for this. Sounds great. No doubt, this song has a quirky tempo, and it's probably one for the more patient dancers, but the construction of tune also allows Jackie to really shine. His voice is just fantastic.

If you've never checked out any of his recordings, I highly recommend you do so.


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