Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mr. Fixit

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Here's a gritty soul tune courtesy of Thelma Jones, "Mr. Fixit" on the Barry label out of New York. It was a favorite when I found it a few years back, and it sounded just as good tonight when I played a reference CD I included it on. The one positive about not buying many new records is you can re-discover records in your collection.....

"Mr. Fixit" opens with an organ over a tough groove (dig that metallic-sounding conga), which is the backbone of the tune. Thelma comes in with a straightforward delivery, perfect for the tune, backed by some supporting ladies. A few lines in, the horns appear, and they really seem to flesh it all out. In the chorus, they have a tight little circular line, seeming to perfectly fit in the groove of the tune. Not many soul tunes that I know of have the organ moving throughout them, but it's a nice addition here. Very nice.


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