Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Budos Band

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We interrupt our normal posting schedule & musical format coverage to mention this fantastic album by the Budos Band. Somehow I did not buy this CD when it was first released, and I am regretting it. Start to finish, this is probably the best new funk release I have heard in 2006.

On the back of the CD they describe their sound as "afro-soul", and that seems a very apt description. There is plenty of percussion and they are heavy on the horns throughout (just check their version of 'Sing A Simple Song'), yet do a great job of mixing up the feel of the songs. Some tunes are dark and heavy like the flute-led 'King Charles', while 'Monkey See, Monkey Do' has a laid-back, almost latin feel to it. Then there's the explosive 'Budos Theme' that is one for the dancefloor.

For me the standout track is 'Eastbound', with the solid groove, a guitar that is stripped down and yet has some "wah", the almighty horns, and a phenomenal bit of flute and trumpet playing. But when followed by an organ-funk track like 'Aynotchesh Yererfu', it's hard to pick the top track. Do yourself a favor and get The Budos Band on your turntable or in your CD player. It's very highly recommended.


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