Monday, July 10, 2006

The Micro Mini

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OK, so I ended up taking an extended 4th of July break from the blog, but that's because there's been quite a bit going on around here. Barring any substantial rainfall, I have a contractor coming out next week to replace the windows and put up siding on the house, and my wife is 5 months pregnant, so it's time to start thinking a room for the new member of the family. And if that weren't enough, it looks like fall will be a busy time at the j-o-b. But, for right now, the chores are done, my wife has gone to bed, and I have the earphones on & a stack of records in front of me.

Tonight's feature looks like it's gonna be Harvey Averne's "The Micro Mini" on Fania (might as well pick up not too far from where I left off). This tune was also released on Atlantic, and from the sound clip I have been able to find on the web, it seems that the Atlantic 45 is more percussive and features less vibes....unless it was just a crummy soundclip (can anyone confirm?). "The Micro Mini" is a humurous hipshaker about a young lady being taken to court for her mini skirt, "the shortest one in town". The groove is top notch, percussive as hell, the vibes are quality (keeping the mood light), and the horns add the necessary punch (that's why I'm always on the look out for latin sounds, those glorious horns). There is even a bit of rock-ish guitar to boot. Fun and topical, definitely one for the dancefloor.


Blogger Todd Lucas said...

Would love to hear this one. I'll have to investigate further.

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