Monday, July 24, 2006

Go Go Train

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Unfortunately, sometimes records fall through the cracks. I've been a fan of this record since I bought a few years back, but I somehow mis-filed it and just got it on a CD so I could play it in the car. It's been on heavy rotation ever since. Opening with some tough drums, "Go Go Train" is a gritty handclapper loaded with tambourine and horns. There's even some organ bubbling under it all. A solid mid-tempo rhythm underpins it all. Jackie's voice has a bit of an edge to it, which is just perfect for the tune. The lyrics name-check alot of folks, from Shirley Bassey to the Righteous Brothers to Jimmy Reed, all with a job on the train. A dance tune through and through, but one with a real r'n'b feel. A quality outing here from Jackie Paine.


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