Monday, July 17, 2006

Wheel of Faite

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Now here's an interesting one that I'm probably gonna have a hard time describing.....The Flint Executives' "Wheel of Faite" on Star Route. Opening with vocals only and the very sober lyrics "What the world needs know is a little more understanding", "Wheel of Faite" is a quality group harmony tune with socially conscious lyrics. The vocal duties are almost equally shared, the falsetto bits really getting me. Musically, it is constructed with flute and organ over a funky backbeat. The real focus here, though, is the vocals and the subject matter. There's a saxophone solo near the end that adds an extra bit of gravity. There's a real mix of sounds here - gospel, soul, jazz - in the less than the 2 minutes that the song lasts. Although a short tune, it is very powerful, and one that has me wishing there was more.

You can check it out on one of Mr. Fine Wine's "Downtown Soulville" shows from February 2006.


Blogger Jimmy Jam said...

It's amazing to me ,how things happen in life. Myself, Jay McGee(first tenor),Louis Spears(second tenor), Floyd Dones(lead), Charles "Chuckie" Murray(bass) recorded that song without much expectation of it leaving Flint, Michigan.Being the writer of the song as well,it gives me great pleasure to know that someone connected with where we were coming from. Chuckie Murray has passed on but the rest of us still reside in Flint. I have been building my gospel website Check it out and leave me a comment, if you are moved to. May God bless you, Jay McGee.

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