Monday, July 31, 2006

You Got To Have Money

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Here's a fantastic double-sider that I'm a couple years late on, The Exits "You Got To Have Money" on the Gemini label. According to the wonderful Ohio Soul Recordings website, the group was from Los Angeles. Unfortunately, I don't know anything else (save for their is a good amount of discussion out there about the green label issue vs. the yellow label issue). What is known is that the tune seems to be popular with both soul and funk collectors.

I think the reason is the rhythm of the tune - it's almost straight-ahead, but has a just above mid-tempo groove. And the tune has plenty of swagger, with just a bit of a rough edge to it. I'm talking about the juxtaposition of the vocal harmonies in the background with those tough guitar lines, the harsh reality in the foreground. Seems to musically support the singer's contention that "a man needs money, got to have money" to get somewhere.

There is a soundclip of the great tune on the flip, 'Under The Street Lamp' on Soul Club. I recommend checking it out - just scroll down to find it.


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