Friday, August 04, 2006


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A few weeks back I featured a Jackie Wilson 45 that knocked me out last year, 'It's All Over'. Well here's another 45 by Jackie Wilson, 'Helpless', that's been on heavy rotation.

'Helpless' has a big sound, featuring a snapping drum beat, congas, flourishes of horns, and some very nice female backing vocals. The group is tight, tight, tight. Jackie's delivery is confident and spot on. After each chorus, the band gets to groove a bit before they get back to the tune. And then in the middle, Jackie changes his delivery slightly for only a few lines, and the band accompanies him by loosening up the tempo. And then they get back to it. There's a bit of a breakdown near the down, the intensity of the tune seeming to bubble over......really interesting tune, and one I would love to hear out at a club. Recommended 45.


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