Thursday, November 16, 2006

Georgia On My Mind

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Here's a recent acquisition, knocking off one of the few remaining Prestige 45s I'd like to find, Pucho and the Latin Soul Brothers' version of 'Georgia On My Mind'. And it's an intriguing 45 at that. A poly-rhythmic latin groove propels the tune with vocals, horns, and strings more fitted to a soul track round it out. This version is up-tempo, 100 miles per hour, and it doesn't hurt that the 45 is pressed nice and loud. The lead vocals are impassioned, somewhat coarse, and it's a nice contrast with the softness of the strings and vibes. The vocalist really doesn't hold anything back, even name-checking James Brown near the end. And behind it all is that rhythm, that incessant and catchy rhythm. I think I have to give this another spin, and then what else can I spin?.....looks like it's gonna be latin night!


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You have a great vynil collection!


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