Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Bebbe & The Hitmakers "Ooh-Cha-Lue" Mammon 101

I'm always trying to find any locally released funk 45s, locally being Philly, but NJ as well. This 45 is a Philadelphia release, but no details on the label save for an address, 8100 Rugby Street. Requires further investigation.

The side that's a winner here is 'Ooh-Cha-Lue', a feel good funk number that kicks off with a catchy horn and heavy bass line. They work together so well I was won over very early. The vocals are low, almost being drowned out by the musicians, but they lyrics sound pretty nonsensical, so that may be by design. Nice dense sound with alot of my favorite instruments thrown in: organ, bass, various percussive elements, and those lovely horns. The guitar bits, or flourishes, remind me almost of the Stax guitar sound. And there's a nice percussive break where everyone slows down, even the "ooh-cha-lue" is spaced out so you don't miss the meaning....heavy....and then that bass and horn line come back in. Very nice.

Another evening spent mostly on e-bay. But did find a couple of interesting 45s that'll hopefully be on this blog within 2 weeks.


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