Monday, September 19, 2005


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Another quality tune that had been on the wants list for a little while and I managed to find recently....Hodges, James, Smith & Crawford "Nobody". Usually I'm after the uptempo stuff, but this laid-back groover has really knocked me off my chair. That's not to say to say this 45 doesn't bring the funk. It kicks off with some tasty drumming, a lithe guitar line moving over it. Then the ladies take over, and the rest of the song is theirs. Their vocals are quality, so soulful and the phrasing is really nice. The groove courtesy drumming and guitar (+ bass) never faulters, and when they get the spotlight again, it's quite a nice contrast to the layers of the ladies' vocals.

Like last night, words are somewhat failing me. That can happen when I pluck one off the wants list....I can be mesmerized. You can't hear much of the vocals, but you can hear a small bit here on funk45.


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