Tuesday, September 20, 2005


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Here's another 45 found at the recent Allentown 45s & 78s show, Valerie and Bobby Capers' "Wildcattin'". Looks like it's from '67, and it's certainly another winner on the Atlantic label. One thing is for sure: whoever distributed this had a good ear, as they crossed out "Plug Side" on the other side of this record & marked up "Wildcattin'". The only details I've been able to find out about Valerie and Bobby was that they were a brother and sister act, their careers mainly in jazz.

"Wildcattin'" is certainly not jazz. Gritty & raw, this uptempo proto-funker just burns all the way through, slowing down to feature what seems to be a reed instrument (I can't place it). Otherwise, it's drum and bass that nearly overtake the vocals. Throw in some horns and some organ bits near the end, and this is truly one for the dancefloor. And loudly recorded, to boot. Before you think it's odd I mention vocals when the record label says 'Instrumental', the vocals are Bobby repeating "Let's do the Wildcat, Baby", and Valerie and some friends singing "Wildcat".

Highly recommended.


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