Monday, June 25, 2007

My World

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Here's a brand new release by Lee Fieldson the Truth & Soul label, "My World / Love Comes And Goes". Let me get right to it - it's a scorcher. I heard this last week over at Galactic Fractures, and it immediately knocked me down. I had to find a copy. Thankfully, a copy popped through the mail slot on Saturday.

What strikes me right away is how stripped down the tune is, even with the horns and strings. Nothing is flamboyant, instead all the instruments are used sparingly, and so precisely, it perfectly sets the mood behind the Lee's vocals. I haven't had a chance to absorb all the words, but there's a somber tone. Listening closer, this is a very topical tune, seeming to take issue with the illusions that surround us. I especially like the lines "Brought up by a mother / And tricked by a brother / Destroyed by the poison inside / We raise our children / under false illusions /Shatter hopes and self ?" (not sure about that last word - I'm gonna have to sit down and write out these lyrics). All throughout, the band doesn't crowd the vocals, but lets him speak his peace. Everything is nicely understated.

15 listens in, and this record gets better and better. Do yourself a favor and get this 45. It is the best new soul record I've heard in a long time. The 45 can be found at dustygroove.

Check out Galactic Fractures via the link above. Not only do you get to hear this track, but a Big Ella tune that I've not heard before (hell, I didn't even know about that one), as well as a number of other quality tunes.


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