Thursday, March 31, 2005

Brass Construction "Take It Easy" DOCC 501

After a month of waiting, this 45 shows up today, and it's a big brassy number full of percussion. Non-stop bongo in the background, which is great. The drummer is throwing in occassional flourishes, and at points it sounds as if there are several drummers - a couple playing anything they can get their sticks on....definitely more than 1 at points. But there's more to the song than that. Rich horn section, wah-wah guitar, a healthy dose of bass, and everything is tight. It bears repeating: Tight. And there's section where everyone relaxes while not slowing down, just enjoying the groove, and a flute appears for a few bars. Then they're off again until the percussion leaves everything behind and finishes it out.

Kinda like 70s show band funk, which I'm always happy to find. Stuff like Rayfield Ray & The Supernaturals "Stick Shift" and others that I can't seem to name (apologies for my poor memory at the mo', it's been a long day). Scacy & Sound Service's "Sunshine" I'd put near this, too, but that 45 has such a unique element to it I find it hard to lump it with anything else.

This is an early release by the Brass Construction that went on to release a couple of LPs, and they must've been fairly successful, as I've seen their LPs on numerous occassions. I've never bought one, but I may just have to next time if they kept this sound.


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