Monday, April 04, 2005

Alvin Cash "The Getaway" Chess 2098

"The Getaway" came through the mail slot today. It is the last Alvin Cash 45 I needed to find, and it didn't seem to be particularly hard to get off e-bay, even though I haven't seen it listed in a while. And it does not disappoint. A straight-forward, mid-tempo, bass heavy, funk number, "The Getaway" is just how I like my funk: no need to rush, just get in the groove and burn. I like how the guitar player works with the horns to complements the groove, throwing in a chord before the horn plays their line. Nice. Play and replay that theme. They do work their way to a great headnodder break with some reverb on the drums. The finale picks up the pace, and the sound gets fuzzy - or at least it seems against the crispness of the instruments earlier on. Recommended.

"Saddle Up", the 'plug side', is basically a vocal version of "The Getaway" (even though they are minimal vocals), and the vocals actually remind me of "Stone Thing". Although nothing nowhere near as raw. I like how Alvin name checks the Godfather, saying "James Brown, ain't this funky now?". Yes it is, Alvin. Yes it is.

May have a few days of albums coming up. Just haven't been many 45s around as of late, but the LPs, I mean good LPs, seem to be showing up....


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