Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Plebs "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" MGM K13320

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I have been away for about 8 weeks or so thanks to a hectic development schedule (a lovely profession it is to be involved with software), but I have managed to sneak in a few 45 purchases, including a few that have been on my wants list for a couple of years. Before I was heavily into funk / jazz / soul 45s, I chased USA pressings of obscure UK and European bands from the 60's....r'n'b, mod, freakbeat (& occassionally psych) records. I managed to find many of the 45s on my list, but this Plebs 45 eluded me. Thankfully, I finally have this 45 in my record-collecting hands.

My copy is a yellow-label promo (anyone have a stock copy?), and in case you haven't noticed, the song is the same blues number that Led Zeppelin covered several years later. But they sound nothing alike. Released in the UK in 1964, The Plebs' version is a storming slab of British r'n'b. The band is so tight and straight ahead in their rendition, there are only a few subtle flourishes: every time the singer finishes a stanza, the drums are brought up in the mix, and a small organ solo in the middle. What I really like is that the singer has these soulful vocals that don't exactly follow the tempo of the band. He's a bit slower in his delivery, even somewhat mournful that he will leave....but he knows he will leave eventually. All of this is over in 1 minute, 53 seconds. And it's so damn good.

This is the only release by the Plebs, and can be found on the fantastic 'The R&B Scene" CD that Decca released in 1998. I highly recommend this CD as well as "The Freakbeat Scene" and "The Psychedelic Scene" volumes. Ever since this 45 has shown up these CDs have been back in heavy rotation. You can expect to see a more varied selection of 45s thanks to The Plebs. I already have a few more similar 45s on their way....


Blogger cyclodan said...

I have had this one in my collection since the early '80s. I always thought it had a "folk-rock" sound. I also like the B-side "Bad Blood", a Lieber-Stoller number . Mine is also a promo copy. I found it in a sleeve with the name of Detroit DJ and host of the popular '60s TV show "Swingin' Time" hand written on it.
Did not know it was an English recording.

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