Thursday, September 22, 2005

I'm A Junkie For My Baby's Love

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Here's one from Mr. Hank Ballard, "I'm A Junkie For My Baby's Love", on ever-surprising Chess label. Another promotional 45, and from what I understand it's a tough one to locate. On this 45, Hank is making a comment on drugs, saying that if people need to be a junkie, be strung out on your partner's love.

The tune itself is a tough mid-tempo funker, seeming to tense and build, and then find that solid groove again. The tension is built thanks to the horns, which are quite stellar. Throughout the tune is a decent amount of fuzz guitar, which, although sometimes almost drowned out by the sheer volume of the bass, gives a grittiness and toughness to the tune. It actually works quite well, even incorporating a small solo.

Overall, quite an interesting release from Hank. This is certainly not his King sound, but more a experimental, almost 'rock' sound. The flip is quite nice, too.


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i would love to hear the flp side of this please

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