Monday, September 26, 2005

Soul Drippins

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Here's a 45 (actually 2 copies) that showed up on Saturday, and one I'd been after for quite some time, The Interns' "Soul Drippins" on Julet (great label design, no?).

"Soul Drippins" is a mid-tempo r'n'b instrumental that features plenty of wah-wah and organ over a heavy dose of bass and a solid beat. Throw in a tambourine that doesn't let up, and you have the ingredients of this great proto-funker. The second half of this tune has the wah-wah take a break, giving the organ center stage. I've had this on a CD for several years, but it's amazing how much better this sounds on vinyl. And the wah-wah guitar, perhaps the best I've ever heard.

You can listen to some of it here. Enjoy.


Blogger Todd Lucas said...

I like that a lot. The guitar is cool and the drumming excellent.

7:01 AM  
Blogger The Bomber said...

yeah...hard to get!

Keep the good job here


6:02 PM  

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